About the Athens Gallery

Conveniently situated in the Plaka in Pandrossou Street, the traditional heart of the city of Athens, The Athens Gallery offers the visitor an unparalleled opportunity to experience the world of modern Greek art.

Contemporary Greek art is a fascinating blend of modern techniques and ideas with traditions that date back to the worlds of Byzantium, Rome and Ancient Greece. At the same time it is a vibrant reflection of current Greek life. A visit to The Athens Gallery gives you the opportunity to experience this world for yourself.

The gallery contains examples of all major Greek arts, crafts and ceramics. You can see work from the mainland as well as the islands of Greece and many of the workshops that have built up the Greek artistic tradition contribute to the gallery. A number of leading Greek artists and sculptors, many of whose work can be found in famous collections in Europe and further afield, display some of their finest work her.

The Athens Gallery is sited in an elegant 200 year-old Neo-Classic building and has an exquisite range of art, crafts, sculptures, jewellery and ceramics beautifully displayed on 3 floors. The owner of the Gallery is himself a talented sculptor who has exhibited widely and run a number of Galleries in Europe. In creating this gallery he has established a much-needed display environment in Athens and has ensured that the gallery also serves as a forum for artists; at any one time you can see some of them working on their indivrking on their individual crafts in the gallery.